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Personal Injury Lawyer Westbank - If a person suffers a personal injury they are often unprepared for the stressful and difficult period of time that immediately follows. Our lawyers are there to assist both the persons and their families get though this difficult time.

If dealing with insurance firms it is a good idea to have legal representation to ensure that you are not being cheated. Our firm can help in proving responsibility in an accident as well as in figuring out the exact amount of payment for pain/suffering, lost wages, medical costs, and any other additional cost. Furthermore, we also represent clients in regards to the Workers Compensation Board. Our company is knowledgeable in a variety of claims, comprising whiplash, car, disability, fire, life, burns, fractures as well as complicated spinal cord and head injuries.

After an accident causing injury has occurred, it is essential that the victim call a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. There are time limits for starting a claim and, as time passes, it becomes infinitely harder to obtain valuable information regarding the accident.

Our seasoned lawyers have extensive skill in subrogated claims, insurance defense work, and civil litigation. Our knowledge is very beneficial for such clients wanting to begin a claim about the insurance trade.

Our specialty is defending clients on their motor vehicle, disability, construction, health, and life insurance. We also provide informal counsel and written views, the assessment of damages, monitoring of claims, and, should it be required, representation in court. We provide effective and cost-efficient services about insurance law.

In addition, insurance companies, agents and brokers in general legal issues can rely on our firm to help them in whatever legal matters arising from the operation of their company.

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The city of West Kelowna is a municipality located within southern BC's Okanagan Valley. The city is made up of numerous smaller communities, like Glenrosa, Shannon Lake, Lakeview Heights, Westbank, Rose Valley, West Kelowna Estates, Casa Loma, Smith Creek.

The estimated population within the city of West Kelowna is 28,793, making it the second largest municipality in the Kelowna Regional District of Central Okanagan. West Kelowna City is found is found on Highway 97, close to the western shore of Okanagan Lake, situated 9 miles or 14 km southwest of Kelowna and 16 km or 10 miles northeast of Peachland.

West Kelowna attracts visitors from all-around the globe. There are gorgeous mountains to the west and the sprawling Okanagan Lake towards the east...