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Injury Lawyers Westbank - The criminal lawyers in our firm have numerous years of experience within the area of impaired driving, acting for all kinds of clients. We have established an extremely high success rate because of our strong perseverance to enforce the rights of our clients. Success happens when the charges are reduced by the courts or the client's case has been dismissed.

We deal with the subsequent offenses:

1. Impaired Driving
2. Impaired Driving Leading to bodily harm
3. Impaired Driving Resulting In death
4. Impaired Operation of a motor vehicle or vessel
5. Over legal limit operation of a vessel or motor vehicle
6. Impaired Control or Care of a vessel or motor vehicle
7. Over legal limit Control or Care of a vessel or motor vehicle
8. Refuse sample

You should make contact with us immediately when you have been charged or are under investigation. Do not give up your right to consult counsel and your right to remain silent upon being charged or upon detention. It is important that you do not talk to the police before obtaining suggestion from a lawyer. We are accessible 24-hours on a daily basis to be able to help you.

The consequences to you are very serious if you are found guilty, as a first time offender, for drunk or impaired driving. The implications comprise: fines of $1,000 or more, criminal record, driving prohibition for one to three years, installation of ignition control device in any motor vehicle you operate for 12 months. In addition, you may be obliged to finish a course program that you need to pay for. You car insurance surcharge would increase, up to four or five times the existing rate.

For subsequent offenses, penalties consist of mandatory jail time. Hence, you need to have skilled counsel to represent you and your best interests. We will provide you with a legal opinion as to your chances of success in fighting such changes.

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Westbank Lawyers

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Westbank Lawyers

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The city of West Kelowna is a municipality located within southern BC's Okanagan Valley. The city is made up of numerous smaller communities, like Glenrosa, Shannon Lake, Lakeview Heights, Westbank, Rose Valley, West Kelowna Estates, Casa Loma, Smith Creek.

The estimated population within the city of West Kelowna is 28,793, making it the second largest municipality in the Kelowna Regional District of Central Okanagan. West Kelowna City is found is found on Highway 97, close to the western shore of Okanagan Lake, situated 9 miles or 14 km southwest of Kelowna and 16 km or 10 miles northeast of Peachland.

West Kelowna attracts visitors from all-around the globe. There are gorgeous mountains to the west and the sprawling Okanagan Lake towards the east...