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Criminal Law Firm Westbank - The unprecedented number of mergers and acquisitions today have changed the global economic landscape, and our firm plays a significant role in this activity. We have been involved in many high profile mergers and acquisitions with clients involved with domestic, cross-border and international transactions of various size and complexity. Our lawyers offer practical help and sensible suggestion to help clients attain their business goals. We advise sellers and buyers, lenders, financial advisors and target businesses in transactions involving the sale or purchase of shares or assets, hostile and friendly take-overs, going-private transactions, restructuring and reorganizations, divestitures to private and public businesses, plans and amalgamations of arrangement.

Our extensive experience acting as both legal and special counsel in several high profile take-over bids, mergers and acquisitions allows us to be highly efficient in helping our clients attain their goals. For businesses, their shareholders or boards, we help with contested shareholder meetings, proxy solicitations and the intervention or implementation with respect to poison pills. Our services to boards or directors, committee of the board and individual directors comprise giving strategic suggestion about a variety of problems including applicable fiduciary duties and responsibilities and due diligence standards. Our lawyers provide representation to shareholders, investment bankers and lenders involved in take-over contests.

Businesses have been ever more subject to scrutiny and regulatory review in today's economic climate. We can assist those businesses through their tough economic times and can act for clients seeking approval from the Canadian Competition Bureau. Our clients wanting approval for mergers are situated in the consumer foods, information technology, financial and resource and communications sectors. We advise on such issues as the competitive impact of mergers and efficiency analysis. We can help clients opposing mergers obtain remedies from the Competition Bureau. Our international know-how comprises compliance with regulatory review and participation in merger review in Japan, Europe and the US. Our lawyers help clients with acquisition financing through senior, mezzanine, and subordinated debt matters.

Our firms lawyers take advantage of the skill of other professionals in our company, especially in dealing with matters of real estate, tax, the environment, intellectual property, pension and competition law. Our integrated group of lawyers provides professional help with all the requirements of major commercial transactions.

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The city of West Kelowna is a municipality located within southern BC's Okanagan Valley. The city is made up of numerous smaller communities, like Glenrosa, Shannon Lake, Lakeview Heights, Westbank, Rose Valley, West Kelowna Estates, Casa Loma, Smith Creek.

The estimated population within the city of West Kelowna is 28,793, making it the second largest municipality in the Kelowna Regional District of Central Okanagan. West Kelowna City is found is found on Highway 97, close to the western shore of Okanagan Lake, situated 9 miles or 14 km southwest of Kelowna and 16 km or 10 miles northeast of Peachland.

West Kelowna attracts visitors from all-around the globe. There are gorgeous mountains to the west and the sprawling Okanagan Lake towards the east...