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  • Wills Lawyer
    Wills Lawyer Westbank - Our lawyers are expert in Wills, Trusts and Probate law and can offer you peace-of-mind by making certain that ... More
  • Divorce Lawyers
    Divorce Lawyers Westbank - In situations when kids are involved all through a divorce, it is vital for you to understand your rights and ... More
  • Paralegal
    Paralegal Westbank - Our Health Law lawyers are committed to meeting whatever individual or organizations legal needs that relate to the ... More
  • Family Law Lawyer
    Family Law Lawyer Westbank - When having to handle a dispute, common disagreements regarding the correct solution may make a simple ... More
  • Best Family Lawyer
    Best Family Lawyer Westbank - When there is a loss of inheritance that is caused by the victimization of an elderly, vulnerable person, ... More
  • Sports Law
    Sports Law Westbank - Our company helps many individual athletes, both amateur and professional, as well as a variety of sports ... More
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyers
    Medical Malpractice Lawyers Westbank - Lawsuits of medical malpractice sets out to prove that a patient's injury has a causal ... More
  • Fraud Lawyer
    Fraud Lawyer Westbank - Our company deals with different commercial strata corporations, management companies, individual strata lot ... More
  • Wills and Estates Lawyers
    Wills and Estates Lawyers Westbank - Effectual state planning can help to decrease tax exposure and can help avoid any family conflict. ... More
  • Employment Lawyer
    Westbank Employment Lawyer - Our Labour & Employment Law group advises and represents clients in both the private and public sectors ... More
  • Real Estate Lawyer
    Real Estate Lawyer Westbank - Our firm's Real Estate Development lawyers advise clients about major commercial real estate development ... More
  • Estate Planning
    Estate Planning Westbank - Among the most vital areas of our company's practice is wealth preservation. The lawyers within our Wills and ... More
  • Wealth Management Firms
    Wealth Management Firms Westbank - Our Wealth Preservation & Estate Litigation Practice helps clients with whatever concerns ... More
  • Lawyer Referral Service
    Lawyer Referral Service Westbank - High-net worth individuals as well as their families find wealth management and estate planning ... More
  • Estate Lawyer
    Estate Lawyer Westbank - Our Wills and Estates group can help clients and families with all aspects of wealth preservation. In ... More
  • Malpractice Lawyers
    Malpractice Lawyers Westbank - It could be an expensive and difficult process to prove medical malpractice, that would even lead to ... More
  • Mobile Lawyer
    Westbank Mobile Lawyer - We offer comprehensive services in environmental law services, providing quick and efficient help to our ... More
  • Immigration Lawyer
    Westbank Immigration Lawyer - Our law office prides itself on helping clients immigrate to Canada. We even cater to individuals wanting ... More
  • Law Firms
    Law Firms Westbank - Our company has a Tax Law Group consisting of 50 lawyers providing sound advice and cost-efficient solutions on a ... More
  • Divorce
    Divorce Westbank - Our lawyers are well prepared to handle various cases, with our experience being in spousal and child support, child ... More
  • Paralegal Services
    Paralegal Services Westbank - We provide legal assistance to clients in all fields of the gaming business, consisting of technology, ... More
  • Legal Services
    Legal Services Westbank - Our company represents some North American production companies along with a collection of banks, actors, ... More
  • Tax Lawyers
    Tax Lawyers Westbank - Our company's Taxation lawyers are engaged in the full range of estate, international, corporate and personal tax ... More
  • Family Lawyers
    Family Lawyers Westbank - When a couple separates several hard choices should be made, especially when there are kids involved. Our ... More
  • Commercial Real Estate lawyer
    Commercial Real Estate lawyer Westbank - Clients look for a firm that shows innovativeness, knowledge, and efficiency so as to make sure ... More
  • Disability Lawyers
    Disability Lawyers Westbank - Our lawyers help clients in problems of guardianship, tax, trust and estate issues. A lot of our clients ... More
  • Legal Aid
    Westbank Legal Aid - Our firm specializes in Education and Public Law, advising and representing various educator organizations and ... More
  • Divorce Lawyer
    Westbank Divorce Lawyer - Without a doubt, family law is the most emotional involved. Our company is committed to helping you through ... More
  • Disability Lawyer
    Disability Lawyer Westbank - Our objective is to be able to ensure that you acquire the settlement you ought to have, if you have been ... More
  • Estate Lawyers
    Estate Lawyers Westbank - Estate litigation usually occurs soon after somebody you love passed away or becomes incapacitated. There are ... More
  • Real Estate Law
    Real Estate Law Westbank - Before embarking on a real estate project, it is vital that you consider all factors because there are some ... More
  • Lawyer
    Westbank Lawyer - Our tax law group's services span the full range of taxation areas: provincial sales tax and goods and services tax, ... More
  • Real Estate Lawyers
    Real Estate Lawyers Westbank - Our company's Real Estate lawyers can help the various owners, investors, tenants and landlords through ... More
  • Immigration Law Firms
    Immigration Law Firms Westbank - Handling employers in legal disputes and legal problems can be challenging and stressful experiences. ... More
  • Family Law Lawyers
    Westbank Family Law Lawyers - Child custody disputes are really stressful and hard on fragile relationships. There are a variety of ... More
  • Free Legal Advice
    Free Legal Advice Westbank - The daily operations in the health industry are becoming more and more complex and challenging because of ... More
  • Labour Lawyer
    Westbank Labour Lawyer - Did your supervisor dismiss you? Was reasonable notice given? Did your supervisor treat you justly or were you ... More
  • Labour Lawyers
    Labour Lawyers Westbank - Our labour law practice firmly believes in providing the most innovative and efficient ways possible to ... More
  • Law Firm
    Westbank Law Firm - Regulatory law impacts every kind of federal, local and provincial governmental activity with profound implications ... More
  • Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers
    Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers Westbank - You can lose your job or get demoted while your life crumbles apart with simply a snap of your ... More
  • Family Law Firms
    Family Law Firms Westbank - Disputes involving divorce and child custody could usually be emotional and can be quite confusing. Marriage ... More
  • Wrongful Dismissal
    Wrongful Dismissal Westbank - You might be able to sue your employer for wrongful dismissal, if you were unexpectedly demoted or let go ... More
  • Wealth Management
    Wealth Management Westbank - Both international and domestic clients have been seeking our services and legal recommendation for ... More
  • Tax Lawyer
    Tax Lawyer Westbank - Taxation takes up a large portion of our Firm. Our lawyers are seasoned veterans in the areas of personal, ... More
  • Family Law
    Family Law Westbank - Our Family Law team can help you to understand and deal with all issues related to family law, whether you're ... More
  • Immigration Lawyers
    Westbank Immigration Lawyers - Our labour law and employment lawyers can deal with a litany of problems, ranging from litigation to ... More
  • Employment Lawyers
    Westbank Employment Lawyers - Our group offers affordable and practical advice in order to help our clients resolve any labour and ... More
  • Private Wealth Management
    Private Wealth Management Westbank - Our Wealth Management practice assists clients with wealth preservation, estate planning, business ... More
  • Lawyers Directory
    Westbank Lawyers Directory - The rules which govern tax law are complex and intricate. We present clients with valuable advice which ... More
  • Employment Law
    Employment Law Westbank - Our clients come to us for our effective, affordable and practical recommendation. Our lawyers over the years ... More
  • Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer
    Westbank Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer - An "appropriate approach" is normally used when going through a wrongful dismissal situation in ... More
  • Family Lawyer
    Family Lawyer Westbank - The matters which are covered in family law comprise the several matters which concern kids, divorces, ... More

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The city of West Kelowna is a municipality located within southern BC's Okanagan Valley. The city is made up of numerous smaller communities, like Glenrosa, Shannon Lake, Lakeview Heights, Westbank, Rose Valley, West Kelowna Estates, Casa Loma, Smith Creek.

The estimated population within the city of West Kelowna is 28,793, making it the second largest municipality in the Kelowna Regional District of Central Okanagan. West Kelowna City is found is found on Highway 97, close to the western shore of Okanagan Lake, situated 9 miles or 14 km southwest of Kelowna and 16 km or 10 miles northeast of Peachland.

West Kelowna attracts visitors from all-around the globe. There are gorgeous mountains to the west and the sprawling Okanagan Lake towards the east...